FSO Milestone 5.5 is out!

A few minutes ago mickey released the long-awaited milestone 5.5 of the FreeSmartphone.Org (FSO) smartphone middleware.

Check out the git-commit here: http://git.freesmartphone.org
Big thanks to the whole FSO team for this great piece of software!

Now let’s look forward to the new FSO 2.0 API-Implementation – called cornucopia, which is rewritten in Vala. Vala is a compiled language, which leads to an performance boost in comparison with the FSO 1.0 implementation, which is written in Python.

1 thought on “FSO Milestone 5.5 is out!”

  1. Now we wait until a new om2009 image is out – as I understand (from the wiki) that it is suppose to be the FSO showcase.. 🙂

    Looking forward to “testing6” or what it will be named.

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