fsoraw and neon

Today I decided to try out the picture-viewing-app “neon” [1] [2] on my Freerunner. This app is really amazing! It is pretty fast and provides very cool features like auto rotating images by dimensions, auto rotating window using accelerometers and of course zooming, manual rotating images, slide-show, the basic stuff. And if you use the b_and_w theme it looks pretty elegant.

All in all i can say: I love this app! And therefore i created a ticket in the SHR-Trac to add neon to the SHR-Feed [3].

After a while of using neon I found a few things that couldn’t satisfy my expectations:

  • 1st the white background of the b_and_w theme, which is visible if a picture doesn’t fill the screen. But a short look in the neon-SVN and one edje_cc later I had created a edje-file for b_and_w theme, which has a black background [4].


  • 2nd issue was that the display of the Freerunner blanked while looking at pictures. This is where “fsoraw” [5] [6] comes on. Fsoraw (FSO Resource Allocation Wrapper) is a wrapper utility to launch applications preallocating system resources from FSO. That means you can activate e.g. the “Display”-resource, just by editing the .desktop file of an app. This way I edited my /usr/share/applications/neon.desktop to allocate the “CPU” and “Display” resources, to avoid suspending and display blanking. Furthermore, I customised the neon parameters to activate the picture and window auto rotating stuff, to use the b_and_w theme and to start in my “Bilder” (=pictures) folder. The Exec line of the .desktop file now looks like this:
    Exec=fsoraw -r CPU,Display -- neon -f -r 0 -R 1 -t b_and_w /media/mmcblk0p3/Bilder

Have fun with neon and use fsoraw (e.g. for mokomaze, too):

Exec=fsoraw -r CPU,Display mokomaze

[1] neon project page
[2] neon in om-wiki
[3] shr #596
[4] download this edje-file
[5] fsoraw project page
[6] fsoraw in om-wiki

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