[update] GTA04 Installation Guide for SHR

GTA04 Installation Guide for SHR

This is a step-by-step guide, which should get you from zero to a working SHR on your GTA04 in just a few minutes.

Update Nov. 2012: Updated the instructions to the new default U-Boot enviroment.

Getting the files

Preparing the U-Boot enviroment

uboot multiboot menuThe new U-Boot system (as of November 2012) provides a graphical multi-boot solution.
If your device is shipped after November 2012 you’ll probably already have this system pre-installed.

Otherwise you’ll have to get the latest hw-validation image from  http://download.goldelico.com/gta04 and put it on a specially formated microSD card (using the makesd script). Then boot this special hw-validation microSD card having the AUX button pressed, to flash the new boot system (the screen will trun red while falshing).

After switching back (or reformating) to your normal microSD card you can always access the boot menu by booting the device, having AUX pressed.

Preparing the SHR microSD card

Your microSD card can have several partitions, e.g.:

  • 1st partition: ext3, “rootfs” (e.g. for SHR)
  • 2nd partition: ext3, “system” (e.g. for Debian)
  • 3rd partition: FAT32, “data” (e.g. for music, documents, …)

Installing SHR

To install the SHR image, you have to untar the image you downloaded to the “rootfs”-partition. Then you have to copy the bootargs.scr file to /boot (on the microSD card).

tar xzvpf shr-image.tar.gz --numeric-owner -C /media/rootfs
cp bootargs.scr /media/rootfs/boot/

First boot

shr wizard screen
After you cleanly unmounted the partitions and put the microSD card back into the GTA04 you can boot your device, having the AUX button pressed (to access the boot menu). You’ll be greeted by the graphical U-Boot multiboot selection. Select the partition to boot from (e.g. SD:1 for SHR).

Next, a first start wizard will pop up, which let’s you choose between some options.

Be aware to choose a scale factor of 2.0 when asked. Other than this you could just keep the defaults.

You can now login via USB networking at:

Installing Firmware

If you want to use the WiFi/Bluetooth chip, you have to use a non-free firmware from Marvell.
To get it you have to install linux-firmware-sd8686.

opkg install linux-firmware


shr home screenYou successfully installed SHR on your GTA04.

For further information or if you have any issues, please consult the SHR wiki.

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5 thoughts on “[update] GTA04 Installation Guide for SHR”

  1. Thanks!

    Small note: the “mkcard” script didnt work for me, instead I edited the “makesd” script to only do formatting. Then I could proceed. (This was on Fedora)

  2. Good morning,

    In my case, this installation is successfully for my GTA04 but the GSM does not work and GPS (I tested with two sim cards). I used shr-image.tar.gz (5 April 2012).

    Here are logs in /var/log/

    Log file /var/log/fsogsmd.log:
    2012-04-19T19:37:33.465515Z [DEBUG] Gtm601Modem : Will open 1 channels...
    2012-04-19T19:37:33.466308Z [WARN] libfsotransport : could not open /dev/ttyHS3: No such file or dire
    2012-04-19T19:37:33.466583Z [ERROR] Gtm601Modem : Can't open main channel; open returned false
    2012-04-19T19:37:33.466674Z [ERROR] DBusServiceDevice : Can't open modem

    Log file /var/log/fsosystemd.log:
    2000-01-01T00:10:02.740417Z [INFO] fsosystemd : loaded 1 plugins
    2000-01-01T00:10:02.740570Z [INFO] fsosystemd : fsosystemd => mainloop
    2012-04-19T19:36:21.665985Z [ERROR] fsosystemd : Caught signal 15
    2012-04-19T19:36:21.666503Z [ERROR] fsosystemd : --- BACKTRACE (0 frames) ---
    2012-04-19T19:36:21.666564Z [ERROR] fsosystemd : --- END BACKTRACE ---

    Others information:
    the device table (/etc/device_table)
    /dev/tty c 664 0 5 5 0 - - -
    /dev/tty c 666 0 5 4 0 0 1 9
    /dev/ttyS c 640 0 5 4 64 0 1 4
    /dev/ttySA c 640 0 5 204 5 0 1 4

    And /dev/ttyHS3 is not present in this file.

    root@om-gta04:~# dmesg --level err
    [ 0.101226] usbhs_omap usbhs_omap: xclk60mhsp2_ck set parentfailed error:-22
    [ 3.058074] omap2_set_init_voltage: unable to find boot up OPP for vdd_mpu_iva
    [ 3.065673] omap2_set_init_voltage: unable to set vdd_mpu_iva

    What’s your advice for this problem.



    • Hey Mala,

      that’s the point named in the Troubleshooting section. Your problem is this:
      2012-04-19T19:37:33.466308Z [WARN] libfsotransport : could not open /dev/ttyHS3: No such file or dire

      But you’re lucky: The necessary Bits are already implemented in FSO, so once SHR bumps it’s FSO revision to the 0.10 release it will just work out of the box for you!

      So you have 2 options:
      * just wait a little bit, untill SHR uses FSO-0.10
      * build the current FSO release yourself to get it now

      cheers, slyon

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