Virtual Keyboard

I just found this little EFL-testapp:

It’s an app written by Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri. It’s an Iphone like virtual keyboard. You can find the sourcecode on googlecode..

I had to apply a little change to the code, to get it running on the Freerunner.
I changed lines 206-210 to this:

if ecore.evas.engine_type_supported_get("software_16_x11"):
    ee = ecore.evas.SoftwareX11_16(w=WIDTH, h=HEIGHT)
else: print "warning: x11-16 is not supported, fallback to x11" ee = ecore.evas.SoftwareX11(w=WIDTH, h=HEIGHT)

Maybe someone likes to modify this code and build a real virtural keyboard for SHR out of it?
I hope i could motivate someone, as this would be a really nice keyboard.

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    — Slyon

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