Google released Android source

Android is now fully available under an opensource license. This was annouced by Google today. I’m very curious how much this will influence the Openmoko project and how long it takes until we can test Andorid on the Freerunner.

Today I’m very proud to announce that we are releasing the code that went into that same revolutionary device. Let me present Android: the first complete and highly functional, mass market, Open Source mobile platform. Built with and on top of a bunch of Open Source software, this is one of the largest releases in the history of FOSS. Our goal was to make millions of terrific phones possible, to raise the bar on what people can expect from any mobile phone and to release the code that makes it possible.

Google’s announcement is here:

And the Andorid-Source there:

5 thoughts on “Google released Android source”

  1. I think this should be possible.
    Openmoko is opensource software, so we are able to compile it for every platform we want to if we have the needed drivers.


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