1000x 本 NanoNote

Yesterday (24.02.2010) Qi-Hardware1 proudly announced their first product of copylefted hardware – Ben NanoNote – which is now released to the public. The first batch of 1000 NanoNotes is produced. They are shipping and in stock in Hong Kong, Europe and India!2

Now, Qi-Hardware’s masterplan is to sell their 1000 units. Actually they have to sell them, because they spend $180.000 until now, without earning any money (as stated in chapter two of the “[Company] Weekly Update 6/2010”3)

So, if you are an opensource enthusiast, interested in a miniPC/PDA like gadget with 100% opensource hardware (a.k.a. copyleft hardware), running 100% opensource software, which offers a lot of opportunities to run all sort of software on it, go for it!

Get a Ben NanoNote and help Qi-Hardware to finance their current and future efforts in the opensource hardware business:

Official Shop: http://www.nanonote.cc

European Distributor: http://www.tuxbrain.com
German Distributor: http://www.pulster.eu

1 http://www.qi-hardware.com

2 http://en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/developer/2010-February/002114.html

3 http://en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/developer/2010-February/002114.html

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