About Me

Lukas M

Lukas M. Märdian, B.Sc. (TUM)
free software enthusiast
studying computer science

luk -at- slyon.de

Projects I’m involved with:
OpenPhoenux (developer) — An open hardware and software powered smartphone.
FSO-Project (developer) — A middleware layer, abstracting mobile phone functionality on embedded devices.
SHR-Project (developer) — A free and open mobile operating system, targeting smartphones like the Openmoko Neo series.
Bootr (project leader) — A bootloader for the HP|Palm Pre devices, enabling people to multiboot WebOS, SHR, Android, etc…
Msmcomm (contributor) — A library to communicate with some of Qualcomm’s MSM modem chipsets, as used in the HP|Palm Pre devices.
SHR-Today (project leader) — A screen locking application for mobile phones, notifying about rising events.

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