3D Printed GTA04 Case

This work is based upon the original CAD files for the Openmoko Neo 1973 :
downloads.openmoko.org/developer/CAD/, download.goldelico.com/gta04/CAD/

What’s this?

This is a project, which aims at providing a 3D printable case (and spare parts) for the Openmoko handhelds, with a special interrest in providing a case for the GTA04.

Get Yours

You can easily order your GTA04 case at Shapeways.
It will cost about 55€ (+shipment) and should be shipped in approximately 2 weeks:

Black Strong & Flexible
Recommended: Colored material, little rough but nice feeling (becomes smoother after a while).
White Strong & Flexible
Default white prototyping material, little rough but nice feeling (becomes smoother after a while). Gets dirty easily.
Colored Strong & Flexible “Polished”
The polishing process influences the fit.

Note: The front conver is designed to hold the replacement GPS antenna (Taoglas AP.12F.07.0045A), using a sharp knife it can easily be modified to fit the original GPS antenna, though.


Source Files

If you like to extend and/or change this work, you can get the source files here: http://www.slyon.de/CAD

Also have a look at the auto-generated CAD files for the GTA04a5, which might have a much more precise fit than this manually adopted files: download.goldelico.com/gta04/CAD

How you can help

If you like this work and want my efforts to be continued, please make a donation and/or order your case at my Shapeways shop.

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